Back from vacation

Went to see the family in MN. Had a good time. Details to follow on the mini-Elbeno-blog no doubt.

Games to play before you die

As somewhat of a followup to my earlier “are you a gamer” post, I’ve been thinking about the “50 games to play before you die” sort of idea. This isn’t 50 (I haven’t bothered to count, and I may add more) but here are my first thoughts about a gaming canon. I’m including the systems… Continue reading Games to play before you die

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Haskell wibblings

Well, this weekend I dived in with Haskell and started to make my way through The Haskell School of Expression. So I’ve been exercising neural pathways that haven’t seen a treadmill in a while, C++ programmer that I am. Overall, it’s been going well, and it’s giving me the feeling that Haskell is a very… Continue reading Haskell wibblings

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new watch

I got a new watch: my 10-year anniversary gift from my employer. I need to take some links out of the wristband.

how much?

I've long been of the view that it's worth spending more on your keyboard, monitor and chair than on your computer (and that's not so hard to do these days, if you go for an Aeron chair and a couple of decent flat panels). But I think $1500+ is going a bit far just for… Continue reading how much?

Typical stages of appreciation of The Beatles

(from a conversation with Gary) 0. Start off liking Paul's tunes. 1. Quickly progress to liking John & Paul. 2. Prefer John to Paul. 3. (Belatedly) Learn to appreciate Ringo. 4. (Years later) Realise that George was the underappreciated genius. 🙂

Guitar Hero 3: My suggestions

Some things are inexplicably (ok not inexplicably, I’m sure because of licensing issues – try harder, Activision!) missing from GH1 & 2, others simply would be good for GH3. Just off the top of my head… Back in Black or Highway to Hell – AC/DC Tales of Brave Ulysses or Sunshine of your Love –… Continue reading Guitar Hero 3: My suggestions

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3 new books

I have been meaning to read Flow for a while now. While at Borders, I also noticed The Elegant Solution which has recently been a topic of discussion among my peers at work. Of course, in bookshops I always go first to the computer section, where I can judge if the store is any good.… Continue reading 3 new books

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Culver City Car Show

Flickr set. If anyone can offer any insight into the makes and models of untitled cars, let me know.

Into the belly of the beast

Yesterday I spent the day at Microsoft. I flew up on Wednesday night, out of LAX at 6.30pm, and it was a beautiful evening. As we took off over the Pacific, we passed over a small bank of stratocumulus and banked north, flying over Malibu and the mountains. Two hours later we passed Mt Rainier,… Continue reading Into the belly of the beast