Bad times for EALA

So, the cancellation of Tiberium almost a month ago was just a foreshadowing of more bad news. I hear that LMNO was a casualty today, along with many people on the RTS team(s). Once again, it sucks to see talented developers get scattered to the winds, especially in the current economic climate. EA has been… Continue reading Bad times for EALA

The annual Windows re-install

For some reason my Windows install was misbehaving worse than usual lately. It was having problems booting for the last two weeks – hanging at the loading screen and such. I run a dual boot system, but overwhelmingly favour Ubuntu for almost all tasks. I only keep Windows around to run games and to use… Continue reading The annual Windows re-install

Goodbye EA, Hello Blizzard

Everything is now sorted, and everyone who should already know knows, so I can break the blog silence on this, as I know my blog friends will be interested. Although I don’t talk much about work on this blog, it’s something of an open secret that I worked at EA Los Angeles for the past… Continue reading Goodbye EA, Hello Blizzard

Stellarium is brilliant

Stellarium really is a first-class piece of software. It makes me wish I lived somewhere where I could see more than half a dozen stars. One of these days, when mini-Elbeno is older, we’ll have to make a midnight trip out to the desert to do some astronomy. West LA is a far cry from… Continue reading Stellarium is brilliant

Knowing what to search for

The Internet has its limits. Sometimes one of those limits is simply not knowing what to search for. There is a book that I read in school which I have been trying to track down for many years. It was an anthology of short stories, called Twisters – each story had a surprise ending, you… Continue reading Knowing what to search for

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Rock the mix

Mini-Elbeno has always loved Guitar Hero, especially certain songs. So I’ve made him a mix CD for the car… I Love Rock and Roll – Joan Jett & the Blackhearts Back In Black – AC/DC Smoke On The Water – Deep Purple Sunshine Of Your Love – Cream You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’ – Judas… Continue reading Rock the mix

IFComp so far…

SPOILERS AHEAD (But for games that are pretty bad, so you might not be bothered…) Somewhat perversely, I like to try play the worst games first, and get them out of the way. I score not according to a strict system, but vaguely according to puzzle fun, plot, and implementation competence, with a good helping… Continue reading IFComp so far…

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