Blizzcon 2010 with friends

This year once more I was really looking forward to Blizzcon. Although there wasn’t a new amazing announcement since StarCraft II is out, Cataclysm is imminent and Diablo III has been announced for a while, there was enough going on that was cool to celebrate for a couple of days. Also, Skye and her son… Continue reading Blizzcon 2010 with friends

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Twelve times table

It is puzzling to me that in the US, that holdout of the Imperial system of measurement, schoolkids learn up to the ten times table only. When I was at school, I learned up to 12, even though the UK had been metric for a decade already. But apparently nobody of my generation in the… Continue reading Twelve times table

It works!

A quick trip to Radio Shack, and I got the components to hook up the Symbolics keyboard with Teensy. I didn’t even alter the keyboard itself as Hans Heubner did: rather I just used a standard 6-pin RJ25 socket and connected the Teensy to that, then plugged the keyboard in, and put the connection assembly… Continue reading It works!

Cult of the Keyboard

We’ve got a bit of a keyboard cult going on at work. Of course, I’ve been a fan of decent keyboards for years and a strong believer that keyboards (and mice) generally get too little thought when buying a computer. Ergonomics are important: everyone recognises the value of a decent chair and a decent monitor… Continue reading Cult of the Keyboard

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