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Indiecade day 1

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

An excellent day of networking at Indiecade. Link dump time so I don’t forget these people…

First was the guys from Rust presenting their experience making The Museum of the Microstar.

Then I hung out in the rotunda meeting interesting folks, having thought-provoking discussions and playing some cool games.

Then I went to a Diversity round table chaired by the estimable Jane Friedhoff of Code Liberation. A great discussion that seemed much too short.

Finally game tasting: post-session socialising and trying out some games in the rotunda.

  • Stuart Jeff with a fun little stealth game of being an animal rights activist and setting bunnies free.
  • Brian Handy with Cubior, a nice little tower-climbing puzzle game with friendly cubes. Some good potential for co-op gameplay in this one.
  • Joe Rothenberg with Ping, a fun variation on Pong (versus mode with missiles)!
  • Crystal Catacombs by Super Fun Games.
  • Dan Holbert who was wearing his game around his neck (on an iPad) – looked like a cool little action platformer where you rotate the world by walking around curves.
  • Grave by Tristan Parrish Moore.
  • Lens, a first person puzzle exploration game.
  • Ruratae, a physics-based musical instrument crafting game. High frequency physics sims!
  • Dub Wars, an interesting geometry-wars-inspired dubstep-synched shoot-em-up.
  • Particle Mace, a fun asteroids/geometry wars mashup with indirect “elastic nanite cloud” weaponry.

Last but not least, conversation with Haitham Ennasr, Nina Freeman, and Brian Handy.