CppCon 2015

CppCon 2015 is over and I’m home from Bellevue. It was a really great week; I learned a lot, talked to lots of interesting folks, and traded C++ tips and techniques with the cognoscenti. Having been to C++Now, I knew a bunch of people already, which was a good leg-up on socializing during the conference. I managed to persuade some of my colleagues to come out of their shells and talk to the great and the good – most of whom are very approachable! Chatting with Sean Parent about EoP/FMtGP before his keynote or lunching with STL talking about <functional> and Hearthstone – these are things that are well within the reach of mortals at CppCon 🙂

My highlights:

And of course, my own talk went pretty smoothly, which was good. Now I’m looking forward to digesting all the information, trying out all kinds of new things, seeing what can be put into practice.

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  1. Rich Benson says:

    Sounds awesome Ben! What was your talk about?

  2. elbeno says:

    My talk was about unit testing, and in particular some code I developed to do property-based testing and algorithmic complexity testing. The code’s at https://github.com/elbeno/testinator.

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