The great Everquest giveaway

Back in the day, I used to play Everquest. Recently SoE sent me an email saying they reactivated my account for 30 days. No doubt a ploy to get people playing again. Anyway I decided to reinstall so that I could give away all my stuff languishing on my characters.

2.5k platinum donation for a SoW made somebody very happy. Happy Holidays! Have a shield! Have this cool sword that does an ice blast effect! Have this resist gear!

Then who should I run into but Levin, a friend from the old days. So I handed over all my stuff to him. Chances are, most of the stuff he had a hand in getting originally anyway – and he can pass it on to his alts. Much of it is junk these days of course after 3 years of mudflation, but I think there were a few useful items still.

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