I’m driving down the street, and thinking, “These cars – no problem. That big fence – should be easy to roll up, flat and thin things generally are. This line of trees will give me a nice size boost. Cosntruction site, I’ll have some of that! Start on the portakabins, grab those signs, then the house frames should be no trouble. That crane will make me roll strangely for a little while but no big deal. Then I can go tackle those office buildings!”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    lol! It rules! Alas, I've only dabbled with the Japanese version thus far as I wanted to wait for the US release. However, I'm still waiting for my copy ; ;
    It was shipped nearly a month ago and there's still no sign of it.
    I'll just have Halo 2 to play in the meantime =p



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