Quick update

Apologies for the lack of blogitude lately. Let's see… this has been a fairly normal week in the life of an Elbeno. Actually, much better financially than most weeks.

  • Went to a book sale. It was very sunny so I caught the sun on the back of my neck, even though we were only there 40 minutes. Since we turned up near the end, all the books were FREEEEE! No, really. We loaded up the car boot!
  • Actually got a bonus this year! So, bought a new TV.
  • I am also going to get some money from another unexpected source.
  • Sold my WoW account online. Got $131 for it! How l33t was I?
  • Installed Ubuntu 6.06 “Dapper Drake” (x64). It rocks. The first Linux install I've had where everything just works. Regular readers of this LJ will know I've tried many distros over the years. This is the best yet, and my new recommendation to Linux newbies.
  • Installed Windows XP Professional (also x64). It does not rock even slightly. Driver support is horrible. Webcam doesn't work, VPN doesn't work. Even had to fiddle to install the WHQL-certified x64 nVidia drivers. Who knows what else doesn't work? Guess I'll have to revert – I managed to find a hacked up webcam driver (annoyingly for my other webcam without a mic), but the lack of VPN is a deal breaker.

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