I’ve won (the right to purchase) a Wii in the office lottery. Our office is getting just over 100 of them in two shipments. The first shipment has already arrived, and the second shipment will arrive shortly after I return from holiday!

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  1. I headed to Target at 6am on Sunday morning. It was extremely chilly in Minneapolis that morning. Temperature on the bank sign across the parking lot read '19 F'. The line was already of good length, but I wasn't ready to get out of my toasty car. At 6:30am, a number of cars started pulling into the lot, so I quickly got out of my car and got in line before they did. At 7am a Target employee came outside to disburse the tickets for the right to purchase a Wii. I just barely made the cutoff, receiving ticket number 37 out of 38. Yessss! Since we all had our tickets, we were no longer required to stand in line until the store opened at 8am. I decided to go back home and pick up Alex for the actual purchase. We got back to the store and let inside just before 8am in the order of our ticket number. After waiting another 20 minutes, we were finally able to make our purchase. After throwing in a 2nd remote, nunchuk, and Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, the bill was just short of $400.

    Game play so far has been extremely fun. We love the Wii Sports game that was included. Sue was sore Monday from playing Tennis.

    – John


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