Unexpectedly Valuable

It’s come to my attention recently that my library of video games contains some that are now quite rare, sought-after, and therefore valuable. Many of the video games that you can’t buy new any more are available through eBay or Amazon sellers, although frequently (at least on Amazon) the items are without original manuals and packaging. N64 games are particularly commonly sold as cartridges only. All of my games are of course well cared for with all original materials, and (almost) always the original versions rather than the later-issued “greatest hits” SKUs.

The most valuable ones are the aging RPGs: most of the Squaresoft titles from the Playstation hold their value well, especially where they were excellent games with relatively short shelf lives (titles like Final Fantasy Tactics, for instance).

A few of the PS2 games are now entering collectible territory, and there are even a couple of PC games worth a bit too.

I reckon my most valuable games are:

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