I’m Jaunty

A pretty smooth upgrade –

  • Freeciv(-client-gtk) seemed to barf, so I just uninstalled it.
  • The new Amarok is nice, even if the jaunty version isn’t totally up-to-the-minute. I did have to install phonon-backend-xine though.
  • LLVM is v2.5, hurrah! GHC is still v6.8.2, boo.

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  1. I was peering into the world of upgrading my box last night, and I realized I never made it beyond Hardy. I’m still on ol’ 8.04! I’ll need to upgrade 2x. Perhaps I will up to Intrepid, then power-use it for a day to gain all of the insights of 8.10, then upgrade again, and post about what a relief it is to finally have x, y, and z that were bugging me in Intrepid finally fixed in Jaunty 🙂

    Really, though, me as a Linux user has all but died. I’m still on Linux, only, at home, and I’m not going back to Windows, nor considering a Mac, but I never pop open a shell anymore, or try anything like different frontends, or experimental whatsits. I don’t hook anything to anything else, or dabble in code anywhere, or use multiple desktops anymore, nor cat, sed, grep, and awk. I seem only these days to use email and the internet for correspondence and research. Guess I’m getting old. It’s been this way most of this year so far. I’m a lot more in the ‘real world’ of late.

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