it's old, but it still works!

Having played around with DosBox lately, I decided to do some more digging in my archives and found some stuff from the early 90s, pre-university era. Back then I was programming in QuickBASIC, which was awesome at the time. I found a half a dozen programs: a game of Yahtzee that I wrote and my… Continue reading it's old, but it still works!

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RotateAVI v0.91beta

It’s up on If you got a digital camera for Xmas (or otherwise), check it out. An easy way to rotate avi movies.


Your new digital camera takes great videos, right? And you have a nice 2GB flash/SD/whatever card in there so you can take plenty. But there’s one problem: you have lots of movies in portrait format, where you were holding the camera on its side, because after all that is how the major axis of a… Continue reading RotateAVI

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Why programming is fun

This week I have been working with a colleague on optimising a piece of code. Last week, what we started out with (a first implementation) was taking over 80ms to run in my test case. We had confidence that the overall algorithm was the correct one for the job, so even without that (usually most… Continue reading Why programming is fun

a maths day

Since is always posting about his antics bending Maya to his will, I felt like sharing my working day. Without going into detail about what I’m working on (which is still hush-hush until it’s announced), I can say that today I did more maths than I’ve done in a long time. I wrote some code… Continue reading a maths day


I am currently doing work on PS3, and our renderer by default colours the screen blue. So when the game starts up without crashing, before any data is loaded and displayed, we at least get what I like to refer to as the “Blue Screen of Life”.

a nightmare

Last night I dreamt that the IT guys at work took my home PC and “upgraded” it with Windows Vista. They didn’t seem to understand that I don’t use Windows – my remonstrations fell on deaf ears. In other news, I spent the weekend playing with fractals. When fractals were first popular, I was a… Continue reading a nightmare