Building a MAME cabinet 14

I have three things left to do before I start assembly:

  • Fit ledgers for the monitor shelf
  • Fit the keyboard tray runners
  • Stain and varnish the sides

Although I ordered the monitor last Saturday, it hasn’t arrived yet. I’ll probably get it early next week. So for the moment I’m holding back on the precise positioning of the monitor shelf. Today I did some staining with Danish Oil.

Staining one side

Although Danish Oil is a complete finishing solution, I’m going to varnish on top because it will better disguise splintery parts, I think it will be harder-wearing, and it will be a better finish for applying decals, should I want to.

For the keyboard tray height problem, I’m going to fit the new ultra-slim apple keyboard. A friend at work has one; the whole thing is under 3/4″ high.

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