Wildfires in Socal again

Well, I’ve had a few emails and IMs from friends and family asking if we were OK and everything, what with the coverage that the wildfires seem to be getting. So let me put your minds at rest and say that the fires are not really near us. That’s not to say that they haven’t affected us – the hot Santa Ana winds kicked in last weekend and the humidity plunged. Saturday was a nice high 60s Fahrenheit, and Sunday was more like mid 80s. On top of that, of course the air quality has been terrible the last few days, so in addition to the sudden oppressive heat, an orange haze has covered everything, and I’ve been waking up in the morning feeling a bit like I was in a smoky bar the previous night.

I think the Santa Anas have slackened off now, and the radio reports are that the fires are getting contained, so hopefully the tide has turned and by next week things will have, literally, blown over.

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