I talk in my sleep

I'm going to build an engine that *mumble mumble mumble*, apparently. Any ideas what the mumbling might be? Another earth-shattering idea lost to Morpheus' embrace, I fear.

Su Doku

For some time I have been doing The Times daily Su Doku puzzle. I have to make some effort to keep up with events in Blighty and apparently this is all the rage. My parents first introduced me to it last November – they're devotees too. Since appearing in The Times, it's spread to other… Continue reading Su Doku

Things that happened today

Went out for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. Sat outside. Came home with a pink neck and face. Got in trouble with Mrs. Elbeno for same. Perhaps should put sunscreen in my desk drawer. Received new laptop for Mrs. Elbeno. All present and correct. Configured and updated it. Mrs. Elbeno pleased. Old laptop bequeathed to… Continue reading Things that happened today

Voice actors threaten video game strike

Yahoo News article, via Slashdot. Hollywood throws a tantrum because the games industry doesn’t play their game. Boo hoo. “It is simply shortsighted to believe that consumers don’t care about the artistic quality of the characters.” It is simply naïf to believe that consumers even notice voice acting except when it’s intolerably bad. And most… Continue reading Voice actors threaten video game strike

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Last year semis, this year second round? And we had such high hopes. Pull yourself together for next month!

London Underground

I have both fond and not-so-fond memories of London Underground. I worked in the city one summer. And there were several days of train strike. Anyway, the London Underground swf (warning: parental advisory) going around is one of the better things I've seen this week. I'm not posting a link, since it's probably going to… Continue reading London Underground

Tennis season

Tennis season is here! OK, I know it never goes out of season, but I can never be bothered with the Australian Open. And the US Open is an afterthought. No; the next 6 weeks are the good stuff. French Open, a couple of weeks of in-between tournaments, then Wimbledon. These are the tournaments that… Continue reading Tennis season

More Star Wars movies? No!

Episodes VII-IX are rumoured (via Slashdot and other places). Roger Ebert apparently believes that more are a distinct possibility. Look at episodes I-VI as a whole and ask yourself what the series is about. It's about the life of Anakin Skywalker – his turbulent upbringing, fall into the dark side, and ultimate redemption. Six movies… Continue reading More Star Wars movies? No!