More about bread…

Sorry Jen, the title lied: I can’t think of anything else about bread right now. Except that I wish I had some “bread of the gods” (as Mrs Elbeno and I know it – Sainsbury’s unsliced granary loaf to the rest of the world) in the cupboard. If so, I would be a bread-muncher right… Continue reading More about bread…


Just come back from Comic-Con in San Diego. Saturday we spent most of our time wandering the convention hall and looking at various booths. Mrs. Elbeno picked up volume 1 of Amazing Agent Luna (signed by the artist), and we both got J-List t-shirts. She got a blue Totoro shirt and I got a Domo-kun… Continue reading Comic-Con

Book sale!

Remembered the book sale today at our local library. Spent $23 and came back with a box full of books. Actually, I limited myself pretty well, but Mrs Elbeno went for the paperbacks in a big way. We like book sales.

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