Life defined by Lunch

I am a creature of habit and habitual comforts. Never more so than at lunchtime. I’m also a big fan of breakfast, it’s true, and I couldn’t really care less about dinner most of the time. But lunch is where the routine kicks in. I could happily eat the same thing every day for lunch,… Continue reading Life defined by Lunch


It’s been a while since I posted any food, so here’s a sandwich I had today. The bread was Von’s French bread, but with a slight difference today. The crust was lighter in colour, crustier, and more floury than usual. The sandwich filling was an old standby, but nonetheless delicious: ham, westcountry farmhouse cheddar, and… Continue reading Sandwich

Bread review

Mrs Elbeno brought back a new bread variant from the local supermarket today. Filone Italiano. Crust: “hearty”. Well, it wasn’t bad. Although it was not particularly crusty. A victim of marketing hype. But still very edible. Interior: “full-bodied” and “tangy”. Whatever that means. It was very soft. Very soft. Yet nice. The intermediate stage of… Continue reading Bread review

Step back in time…

…with the video accompanying your purchase of a new Cuisinart food processor. Yes, Mrs Elbeno recently bought one online and we watched the video today. We were transported back to 1978 with the heady promise of effortlessly prepared vegetables, fruit, dough, dressing, even nuts and meat! And it all goes into the dishwasher afterwards, so… Continue reading Step back in time…


Mrs Elbeno made strawberry shortcake for dessert tonight.

a sad day

It is with a sense of foreboding that I read the news about Kraft Foods’ purchase of part of United Biscuits. United Biscuits make Jaffa Cakes, the nicest biscuit (or cake?) known to man and a favourite of the Elbeno household. Kraft Foods is owned by the Altria Group, which used to be known as… Continue reading a sad day