I have found

The most obscurely English page on the entire Internet. Molesworth meets Mornington Crescent. Coo ur gosh.

Sonic BOOM!

Couple of mornings ago, I was woken up at around 5.10am by two loud bangs that shook the house. “What was that?” I think… I figure it was a brief earthquake jolt of the kind that are common here, and went back to sleep. Today I realised what it really was… the Space Shuttle entering… Continue reading Sonic BOOM!

DLL Hell

Gaim & Eclipse don’t play nicely together! At least not where Cygwin is concerned. The problem is the tcl dll you see. Eclipse (actually CDT) requires Cygwin in the path to be able to run gdb. gdb requires that I install Cygwin’s tcl. As soon as that happens, Cygwin’s tcl masks Gaim’s tcl and Gaim… Continue reading DLL Hell