Imminent IM wars?

Some interesting speculation on the impact of Google Talk and the reaction of the other IM players. I am increasingly of the opinion that Google is going the way of the corporation, to the detriment of the user. I agree with : Google missed the point about IM in producing yet another private system. IM… Continue reading Imminent IM wars?

Ask the LJ readership…

Quite often, I will listen to the same song on repeat for several hours. Is this strange? Mrs. Elbeno thinks I'm certifiable. Maybe I am, but I don't think for my musical habits. In case you are wondering, songs which I have employed thusly include: Toxic – Britney Spears Lonely Rolling Star – from the… Continue reading Ask the LJ readership…

Universal Studios

Mrs. Elbeno and I took a trip up to Universal City today. Had a free lunch (company summer picnic), and since we had been before it was nice to just wander about and take a look around the City Walk rather than try to see everything in the park. Since it was so hot we… Continue reading Universal Studios

My first crossword

Beginnings by Elbeno 1A. Short dance mix anticipated (2,3,5) 6A. Point: many a sailor breaks a strike (4) 9A. Girl cooling the French fiasco (7) 10A. This French herb has a tail (7) 12A. Chief follows a parasite found at a dinner party (8,5) 14A. Precisely implement: takes time (4,2) 15A. He's livid – play's… Continue reading My first crossword

Computer niggles

… of my efforts to run a dual boot Gentoo/WinXP system. The other day I ran across 10 days as a Linux user, the account of a Windows user’s self-imposed Linux odyssey. And it makes fairly interesting reading. As you know I’ve been a Linux user for hmm, over 10 years now (Slackware, Redhat, Mandrake,… Continue reading Computer niggles


Mrs. Elbeno and I took the car down to the local place for a minor service yesterday. We spent a pleasant Saturday morning wandering around the cafes and shops downtown. It was too early to see a movie, so we stopped in at a coffee shop and had a cup of cocoa and an almond… Continue reading Untitled