I am currently doing work on PS3, and our renderer by default colours the screen blue. So when the game starts up without crashing, before any data is loaded and displayed, we at least get what I like to refer to as the “Blue Screen of Life”.

bread fraud

I was robbed! I bought a loaf expecting it to be nice. It turned out to be only half there! Anyway, the sandwiches still tasted nice. PS. 1000000000000 boos to flickr for requiring the “Organizr” to use flash. And the same to Macromedia for not providing flash for 64-bit machines. Get with the 21st Century… Continue reading bread fraud

a nightmare

Last night I dreamt that the IT guys at work took my home PC and “upgraded” it with Windows Vista. They didn’t seem to understand that I don’t use Windows – my remonstrations fell on deaf ears. In other news, I spent the weekend playing with fractals. When fractals were first popular, I was a… Continue reading a nightmare


Am I just a grumpy old git? AOAP. Here are two things that failed to impress me recently. (Found on Google Video) “Amazing” juggling finale. Not that amazing. Half a dozen tricks with 3 balls and lots of moving your body around trying to sell it. I think he's making it look a lot harder… Continue reading unimpressed

how to impress people

Scene: start of a meeting, waiting for people to arrive A_manager_01 enters, stage right. a_manager_01: 4 reviews down, 24 to go! elbeno: You've done 14%, then? a_manager_01: yep. a_manager_01: …is it really 14%? elbeno: 14.285714 recurring. a_manager_01: … (Knowing what 1/7th is as a decimal comes in handy)