On this day in history…

27th August, 1883, 10:02am local time. This was when Krakatoa last erupted – and what an astonishing event it was. I'm currently reading Krakatoa: The Day The World Exploded and it's a fascinating read. Allow me to share with you some quite astounding details of the event. The final explosion (Krakatoa had been erupting since… Continue reading On this day in history…

My CV, dateline 1995

Dug this up from an old CD archive. As strange as it looks these days, this document, a short cover letter and an hour's interview with Peter Molyneux (we talked about Isaac Asimov and Edward de Bono, ISTR) got me into the games industry. And yet my old CV is a little familiar: I still… Continue reading My CV, dateline 1995

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Line from a dream

“It shoots a chimp when they think [ ] are the bad guys.” I can't remember what word was in the [ ]. Do you have a good suggestion? AOAP.

Nausicaa Perfect Collection is complete

Having bought vols 2 & 3 at the local library book sale last week, I picked up vols 1 & 4 online from Amazon marketplace and Alibris. So now I have the full set.

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Bread review

Mrs Elbeno brought back a new bread variant from the local supermarket today. Filone Italiano. Crust: “hearty”. Well, it wasn’t bad. Although it was not particularly crusty. A victim of marketing hype. But still very edible. Interior: “full-bodied” and “tangy”. Whatever that means. It was very soft. Very soft. Yet nice. The intermediate stage of… Continue reading Bread review

Step back in time…

…with the video accompanying your purchase of a new Cuisinart food processor. Yes, Mrs Elbeno recently bought one online and we watched the video today. We were transported back to 1978 with the heady promise of effortlessly prepared vegetables, fruit, dough, dressing, even nuts and meat! And it all goes into the dishwasher afterwards, so… Continue reading Step back in time…

Summer book sale and New Amazon Meme

Saturday was local library book sale day. This is my part of the haul: Concepts of Programming Languages Computer Algorithms: Introduction to Design and Analysis The Great Scientists from Galileo to Einstein Java Threads Postscript Language Tutorial and Cookbook Hugo Award Winners Vol. 3 Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind Perfect Collection 2 & 3… Continue reading Summer book sale and New Amazon Meme

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