The Quiz is on

In fact, has been since a little while before Xmas, but I only got around to looking at it today. The King William’s College quiz (PDF). It’s quite tricky. I find it somewhat akin to crossing University Challenge with a cryptic crossword. Have at it. Google won’t help you (until, perhaps, you figure out exactly… Continue reading The Quiz is on

Xmas is almost over

It took us most of the day to get through mini-Elbeno’s haul of gifts. Many books and toys. Big items were a desk for colouring etc, Tonka truck, Fisher Price Learning Zoo, mini-kitchen with play food and pots and pans, and a wooden railway set (Melissa & Doug). The poor little chap has a cold… Continue reading Xmas is almost over

Stairways to Heaven

So, in the wake of the Beatnix’ version of Stairway to Heaven, I discovered Stairways to Heaven. I’ve listened to quite a few of them (or at least the beginnings of quite a few) and so far they roughly fall into the following categories: People mucking about doing something vaguely related to Stairway. Null points… Continue reading Stairways to Heaven

Happy Solstice

In approximately an hour, the sun will be directly over the Tropic of Capricorn. Mark the southern solstice* as you will, and I wish you a peaceful and prosperous season. * I use this term rather than winter solstice out of a desire to be hemispherically neutral.

Beatles geek

I showed The Beatniks (an Aussie tribute band) playing Stairway to Heaven to Mrs Elbeno. She liked it, but remarked: “their Paul plays right handed though.”

Lisping towards enlightenment

Me: a C/C++ programmer of 12 years (professionally), a Lisp dabbler (programmer is too strong a word to use here) of, let’s say ~3 months. I’ve done enough functional stuff to be comfortable with that side, but I haven’t (hadn’t) yet written a project big enough to get me used to Lisp syntax. The project:… Continue reading Lisping towards enlightenment

Xmas cards have been sent

This year’s tally was: 38 to the continental US. 23 to the UK. 3 to Australia. 1 to Germany. 1 to Japan.

My Stuff

A new link section on the sidebar for my stuff – I finally got around to putting up my books & games, as well as RotateAVI, which rotates motion JPEGs (from Canon cameras and probably others).

Xmas Playlist Highlights?

Anyone got any yule tune recommendations? My current playlist (which is cool as far as it goes, but not v. seasonal): Who Am I from Les Mis Lay All Your Love On Me – ABBA These Words – Natasha Bedingfield White And Nerdy – Weird Al Yankovic La Femme d’Argent – Air Toccata and Fugue… Continue reading Xmas Playlist Highlights?