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Making Money by Terry Pratchett. (I seem to have missed Thud!) Old Man’s War by John Scalzi. Heinlein-esque SF that I first heard about at last year’s LA Times Festival of Books. Both quick reads – I finished each one in less than 2 days.

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Backup Solution, Evolved

At the end of November, I invested in a NAS box with 500GB of RAID 1 space. This weekend I finally got around to another thing on my todo list: updating the firmware of said box and doing some spelunking. Using a marvellous thing called fun-plug, I now have some real Linux power on the… Continue reading Backup Solution, Evolved

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Journey to Bed

The house is quiet, completely dark Except for one defiant spark Which rails against the night’s embrace: The screen illuminates my face. The hour is late; my head is tired. The stimulants which kept me wired Have long since faded. Now instead I think of turning in to bed. I kill the light. My eyes… Continue reading Journey to Bed

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Rock n Roll Marathon & 1/2

Mini-Elbeno & I are sitting at an Einstein Bros Bagels at about the 26 mile mark of the Rock & Roll Marathon. Mrs Elbeno (doing the 1/2) has gone through 5K in 29:32 according to the live tracking.

Free digital camera

As I was leaving work today, my manager was chucking out a load of things that we didn’t want any more or didn’t have room for. I took a brief look through the stuff that was destined for the rubbish, and snagged a Nikon Coolpix 2500 with 4 batteries, charger and carrying case. Not bad!… Continue reading Free digital camera

French songs on the brain

Mini-Elbeno is taking weekly French classes, and has a CD of French children’s songs, which we have been listening to for the past several weeks. I now know almost all of them and find myself humming them through the day. Some of them have catchy tunes… In addition to the well-known ISO standard skylark with… Continue reading French songs on the brain

Soup up your Powershot

If you have a Canon Powershot series camera (hi Dad!), you must give this a go. The power of the Internet brings you the CHDK firmware: third party firmware that unlocks so many useful features! Start out by checking which firmware version you already have. Then grab the current king of the hill firmware, the… Continue reading Soup up your Powershot