My first crossword

Beginnings by Elbeno

1A. Short dance mix anticipated (2,3,5)
6A. Point: many a sailor breaks a strike (4)
9A. Girl cooling the French fiasco (7)
10A. This French herb has a tail (7)
12A. Chief follows a parasite found at a dinner party (8,5)
14A. Precisely implement: takes time (4,2)
15A. He's livid – play's diabolical (8)
17A. Charm school admission (8)
19A. I mix tinge to enflame (6)
22A. Vegetable clothing? (5,8)
24A. Work with Liz, and it's something to work on (7)
25A. Conspiracy about calls (7)
26A. Help! None is average (2-2)
27A. Servants wait for workers (10)

1D. The chances aren't even! (4)
2D. Addiction upset the explorer business (7)
3D. Pay I concealed, shuffled into a reference book (13)
4D. Spies that use instruments? (6)
5D. Fraud: olympian gets a hundred points (8)
7D. Church doubled money in one sculptor (7)
8D. Outcast flat without Dickens character (5,5)
11D. Separated and gossiped about smart user interface (13)
13D. Sons aspire to scatter slander (10)
16D. Account deposit? Charge (8)
18D. Relate point to scientists, clerks (7)
20D. Wax in tavern is abnormally formed (7)
21D. Inner workings revealed by mind science egghead (6)
23D. A goddess' only sibling (4)

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