Universal Studios

Mrs. Elbeno and I took a trip up to Universal City today. Had a free lunch (company summer picnic), and since we had been before it was nice to just wander about and take a look around the City Walk rather than try to see everything in the park. Since it was so hot we went into air-conditioned shops and such.

Upstart Crow claims to be a bookshop and coffee shop: in reality it had approximately 4 bookshelves, a Starbucks outlet, and the rest is souvenir merchandising tat. Not impressed. We took a look in the EB Games which was better, but I tend not to buy from EB any more since I have a local indy games store that I like to support. Besides, there's a dearth of games in summer.

We also saw the Blues Brothers show in the park (short but good) and courtesy of our $100 cinema voucher we saw Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo at the cineplex they have up there. It was really a bad movie. But despite that it was pretty funny in a totally brainless way.

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