Mini elbeno is on the way!

9 weeks old, with a head and a heart and a bunch of other not-so-recognisable parts.

5 Responses to “Mini elbeno is on the way!”

  1. silvercougar says:

    Wait… you're going to be a father?


  2. silvercougar says:

    oh no! an Ben clone on the loose!


  3. greatbiggary says:

    That's awesome. A head and a heart is all you need.

    Okay, and fingers… HIDs don't work themselves.


  4. _skye_ says:

    At this stage we call the babies “Bean”, because…well, that's what they look like. You know, because you HAVE to call it something, as in “How're you feeling? How's Bean?” “Oh, Bean's been kicking today.”

    It amuses me that your baby is Bean Elbeno!


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