the old boys' network

LiveJournal – with the addition of the “schools” thing it's turning into a bit of I've added two friends: and based on the fact that we all went to the same secondary school. I wonder who they are? Odds are I knew once upon a time, since he was actually in my year.

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  1. editor says:

    I'm Darien – I was in School House and left in 1993. You?


  2. elbeno says:

    Ben. Drake. You were in the year below me. I know who you are now, thanks. And hi 🙂


  3. editor says:

    Rings a bell, but I'm afraid I can't quite place you…

    I'm still in touch with Matt Brock and Roger Gaywood, too.


  4. elbeno says:

    Aha, I figured out who is.

    Well seeing as this blog isn't anonymous anyway, I might as well spare you the Googling and reveal that this is me too.


  5. editor says:

    Oh, I see. I thought you were telling me your name was Ben Drake. I forgot about houses.

    I wonder who the Vamp person is then?


  6. elbeno says:

    Google reveals this, so I rather think that it's Steve Riley.


  7. vampfanman says:

    Hi Ben and Darien!

    I don't think my school days were that memorable to myself or anyone else so I doubt ny name will be ringing any bells!


  8. elbeno says:

    Hiya. I remember, even though it seems like an age ago now.

    Anyway to answer your original question (did you edit the post?) I'm doing OK in L.A. One might say despite it 🙂


  9. vampfanman says:

    I did edit it – I do that, lots…

    I remember you too – your userpic helps ;o)

    I had the opportunity to visit LA in April but thanks to an irrational fear of flying I turned it down – maybe one day.


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