First, hi to Orenda SilverCougar who introduced me to this 🙂

This morning Guildford was a lake. Literally, in places. My route to the station is a mile-and-a-quarter-ish walk down a road which has a _lot_ of opportunities for passing cars to hit me with huge gobs of water. I arrived at work basically soaked from the waist down.

Fiddled with the air con units a bit and got some heat to come out, so I spent the morning drying out. My shoes will take all day though. This time of year is just the worst for weather. Wind, rain, and the leaves decaying everywhere. Oh well, I still have 2 weeks of holiday to take this year – maybe I can shut myself away until the rain stops. 🙂

Off to a meeting now.

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  1. Hi! hehe

    That's kinda like here, only as of lately… the US seems to be being plagued with weir unseasonal weather. It's 60 up in Northern NY, when It should be 30 or less and snowing..

    Mid west is getting pelted with tornatoes and warm weather as well..

    And it's not really, raining here. *looks out her window* Bright and sunny…

    *hands Beno a hair dryer* Here hun, this helps 😉


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