So, England out. Wayne Rooney to be vilified in the press no doubt – and poor penalties from Gerrard and Lampard too. If only they could have played the first 90 minutes like they played in extra time, it might have been a different result.

But – Murray puts out Roddick in the 3rd round at Wimbledon! So at least there is some success for the home countries today.

Also, I unblocked the bathroom sink today. It had been draining slowly for a month, and I finally decided to have a go with a plunger. After some initial attempts at plunging, I had a sink full of filthy black water that really reeked. So I siphoned a bit out and refilled with clean a few times. Eventually I went underneath and dismantled the plug assembly (it's one of those with a plunge lever and a plug that stays in the sink – to get good plunging access to the drain I had to remove it). With a little application of some brute force while blocking up the overflow, the sink was freely draining again in short order.

To celebrate, we went out to eat at On The Border. Mini Elbeno was very good and despite not sleeping, didn't cry much at all. We ordered dessert to go. So I'm going to eat it now.

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  1. There was a British woman down at the end of Washington at Venice Beach yesterday with an “England” futbol uniform shirt on, looking mad. Some fairly homeless looking guy made some remark to her about England's being out, and she verbally bit his head off. He got up and walked with purpose right at her, and I thought he was going to hit her, but he just went straight past her to his bike, and started adjusting bags in the front basket. Weird.

    'Grats on your handyman victory.


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