Those Pacific (yeah right!) storms really mean business, don't they? For over 36 hours now the view from my window has been a steady stream of water flowing down to the road. Thank goodness I live on a hill and the drainage around here seems to be up to the job. I'm no stranger to rain, but this really has been a storm of biblical proportions. Downtown L.A. has had nearly 6 inches of rain, and around 12.20 last night I was woken by the weather. I looked out and saw a torrent gushing down the hill. It must have been chucking it down at the rate of about 6 inches an hour! Luckily it only stays this heavy for 10-15 minutes at a time. It's sporadically heavy today, and set to continue into tonight. Hopefully by the weekend it'll be mostly cleared up.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Tsunami's and never ending rainstorms. Maybe someone cocked up the ol' calender in ancient times and 2005 is actually the real prophesied millenium disaster kicking off =/

    Not the happiest way to see in the new year ; ;

    Hopefully, here's to improved relations as the various nations work together on helping the disaster victims.



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