Building a MAME cabinet 13

Did a bit more today. I clamped the sides together again and sanded the corners round, so that the t-molding will follow a nice contour. Then I pre-drilled the monitor ledgers. I haven’t actually positioned them yet because I just ordered the monitor yesterday: a Samsung 204B will be the display for this cabinet.

I am pondering my keyboard tray arrangement: it seems like I don’t have a lot of room under the control panel to slide the keyboard. So I may have to make adjustments to figure that out. What I need is a very low profile keyboard, perhaps.

I also cut some boards: the top, the speaker board, and the monitor shelf. Because I’m opting to make my cabinet 28″ wide for extra control panel space and a square footprint, I have to be a little careful about my choice of cuts. I only bought 3 4’x8′ sheets of oak ply, and two of them already had the sides cut from them. Allowing the two 3/4″ sides, the other boards are 26-1/2″ wide, which means (unlike a smaller width cabinet, say 2′) they don’t fit 2 side-by-side on a 48″ wide sheet. So I have a bit of a knapsack problem going on to make sure I can get the sizes I need from the remaining wood. But luckily it’s not too hard of a problem, because I only really have 3 “big” boards: the lower front, the back angle and the back. And the lower back of the cabinet will be open.

Next step is to stain and varnish the sides (which are now complete otherwise) and wait for the monitor to arrive.

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