Sorry about the lack of bloggage lately. I’ve been busy buying a house. We closed escrow and everything, and we’re moving next week. Can’t wait until next weekend when it’ll all be over, relatively speaking.

In other news, Mike Vanier’s Foundational Programming Languages made the front page of Proggit today. Reading it was oddly familiar.

So I heard about Dr Horrible from a few people, and it’s pretty entertaining. You only have what, a day to go see it and get in on the early adopter status.

If you missed that, go watch Richard Feynman’s lectures on Quantum Electrodynamics. No, really. If you have a smattering of high school maths, this is eminently understandable, and it’s incredible that this isn’t more widely known or publicised. Basically, QED explains everything you know and see everyday (excepting a few things explained by gravity or nuclear physics), and theory fits experiment with an accuracy that is unprecedented in almost any other endeavour.

That’s all for now.

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  1. Thank you for the link to the Feynman video lectures – I had been searching for them without luck.

    Congratulations on the house by the way 🙂

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