What’s on your “quickstart bar”

…to use a hopefully somewhat generic term; or whatever you call that thing that sits at the edge of your screen and has icons for stuff that you launch a lot? Not the menu(s), the single-click launches. Or if you roll that way, what do you have hotkeys for?

Here’s mine:

  • Firefox – been using it since ~2004 (when it changed name from Firebird)
  • Evolution – not a lot of thought in this; it’s Ubuntu’s standard, and it does the job
  • Pidgin – I used it when it was called Gaim
  • Liferea – Internet news hasn’t been the same since I started with the feeds
  • Emacs – I don’t type well enough to use vi (and I use SLIME + SBCL)
  • Eclipse – with CDT plugins
  • KDevelop – an alternative to Eclipse, a bit nicer for automake stuff
  • RapidSVN – only just realised it’s a rabbit with an eyepatch! I thought it was some sort of comet in space…
  • gnome-terminal – because one always needs a command line
  • Amarok – pretty near best-in-class for organising & playing music
  • Tomboy – for the to-do lists which never shrink…


  1. Firefox (I use Google Reader for feeds and Gmail for mail), some IM app (usually Pidgin; Psi on my XO-1), Emacs (for programming, ERC and GNUS), a terminal and that’s about it.

  2. Firefox, Thunderbird for mail, Rhythmbox for the music, Krusader for the file browsing a shortcut for a xmodmap script for mapping capslock to escape (I’m a vim user) and a shortcut for putting the laptop into standby. I also have a drawer (I use Gnome) which holds some IM applications).

    Alt Gr + F1 launches xterm, but I often find myself launching it from Krusader (so the current directory matches my current project)

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