Battle of the Bands

The buildup started 5-6 weeks ago with band formations and rumours of entries. Then came the posters stuck up across the campus advertising the various bands. Finally, at 5pm today it all kicked off – the second annual Blizzard Battle of the Bands.

When I worked at EA, we had the odd band contest – usually held in the cafe at lunchtime, with a handful of bands and the more keen ones dressing up. Blizzard’s extravaganza was simply on a different scale.

The whole company (and their families) kicked back to enjoy 2 hours of rock on a balmy evening, with free beer/soda/water, kids running around and everyone just having a great time. Eight bands took their turns up on stage – and what a show it was. Multi-kilowatt speaker systems, stage/disco lighting, half a dozen big-screen TVs, and the whole thing filmed by DirecTV.

The bands themselves left nothing spared in their quest for glory. Costumes, makeup, throwing t-shirts and tchotchkes out to the crowd, pyrotechnics, streamers and confetti, the works. And most of them played a mean game of Guitar Hero too! We all rocked out with Cute Overlord, Max DPS, Zergling Rush, THAC0, Megadeth Knight, Yasu and the Werewolves, Super Shredder Super Show, and Hair Trigger Reloaded. Who won? You’ll have to wait for the video to surface at Blizzcon…

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  1. Emily says:

    Sounds ace! Were you up there being a rock god, or a mere groupie?? Hope you guys are well. Emily x

  2. elbeno says:

    I was just enjoying the show and cheering on Cute Overlord, the all-girl band representing for the Online Tech department.

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