Christmas, LA Style

The sun is shining, the grass is green, the orange and palm trees sway…

And I am driving through the neighbourhood when I see a woman standing outside her house. She’s blond, tanned, and “dressed” in a red bra, panties, and heels – you know, for Xmas. And her photographer friend is taking her Xmas photos.

Just another normal December day in greater Los Angeles.

2 Responses to “Christmas, LA Style”

  1. Emily says:

    Tell Becky to get the wig off and put her clothes back on!

    Meanwhile the transport network in S/E England grinds to a halt yet again because of snow and ice (I know! In December)!

    Merry Christmas to you, balmy Deanes, from we shivering Boards


  2. Skye says:

    I don’t think anyone’s seen more than just my eyes peeking from under my scarf in days! Which isn’t bad because I’m so pale I would blind people with the glare off my skin. In a dark room, even.

    But I’m glad that someone is warm and walks out of the house with less than 3 layers on. It gives me hope that maybe someday I can live someplace where I’ll be photographed in my underwear in December.

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