This week is my last week at work before I take the rest of my holiday this year. I'll be off until 13th January! The problem at the moment is that we're just starting a new project – except I'm unable to start properly, waiting on code, licensing keys etc…

So right now I'm writing documents, reading code (can't write any without the compiler key…), reading documents, wondering when I will get to do some programming again. Well I'm not going on holiday anywhere until after Xmas so I expect I'll do some programming at home when I get bored.

Roll on Friday…

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  1. silvercougar says:

    When.. are you not on holiday?

    I sware you guys take the longest holidays.. ever =P

    And this is remembering back for over 3 years we've known eachother! 😉 hehehe


  2. elbeno says:

    Well I have 2 weeks to use up! And it starts now! Got to oget my Xmas shopping done sometime…

    I didn't take much holiday this year while Reign of Fire was in the works. I just had a couple of days in January from last Xmas holiday then a week in Milan in the summer. Other than that and the odd half day for a dentist visit, that's been it for my holidays this year.

    Anyway I'm probably going in to work one day next week for a meeting…


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