impressiver and impressiver

It’s been at least 4 hours since my last post about Linux, so it’s time to relate my latest Ubuntu adventures. I’m well impressed. A few weeks in to using Ubuntu, and everything’s still rosy. Everything still “just works”. Sound, webcams, iPod, automounting, everything that (I’ve learned over the years) is tricky to wrangle under… Continue reading impressiver and impressiver

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Interactive Fiction – I7 on Linux

Well, there is now a front end to Inform 7 on Linux, using Haskell and GTK. The compilers are still Windows exes so must be run with Wine. For now. One would think it pretty straightforward to recompile a command line app though.

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Computer niggles

… of my efforts to run a dual boot Gentoo/WinXP system. The other day I ran across 10 days as a Linux user, the account of a Windows user’s self-imposed Linux odyssey. And it makes fairly interesting reading. As you know I’ve been a Linux user for hmm, over 10 years now (Slackware, Redhat, Mandrake,… Continue reading Computer niggles