Real Food

Mexicali chop salad at Real Food Daily? or Steak and kidney pie at Ye Olde King’s Head? I’ve visited both places recently. I’ll let you guess which food I preferred.

interests meme

LJ Interests meme results computers:When I was in high school, the computer lab got upgraded from BBC Micros to 286s. I'd always thought computers were cool; and when it came to choosing what to study at uni, I thought: Maths? Physics? No… how about Computer Science: that sounds fun! Perhaps it was because my school… Continue reading interests meme

Okay lady…

a) You're talking on your cellphone b) You're slowing down approaching a junction c) You're indicating right So DON'T have the gall to beep at me because I made a u-turn into your path and you decided NOT to turn right. You might want to put your cellphone down and actually pay attention to driving.… Continue reading Okay lady…

Another day…

…another interview. And another “no hire” recommendation. Sigh. Also today: a half hour power cut which affected the whole of LA's northwest side. A pity it didn't last longer – I could have had the afternoon off! I pretty much figured right away that someone down at the DWP had accidentally cut something they shouldn't… Continue reading Another day…

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Tudor maths test

The rule and question of a catte. There is a catte at the fote of a tre the length of 300 fote. This catte goeth upwarde eche daye 17 fote, and descendeth eche nyght 12 fote. I demand in how longe tyme shall she be at ye toppe. Answere. Take vp and abate the nyght… Continue reading Tudor maths test

How to blog anonymously

After a brief conversation with a friend on the subject, I present: Elbeno's Technical Guide to Blogging Anonymously I call it a technical guide because its purpose is to screen your tracks from prying ISPs, companies and other people who would employ Internet know-how to track you down. Obviously it's not going to protect your… Continue reading How to blog anonymously


Well the new harder sudoku are well tough. I managed the “gentle” one in about 15-20 minutes, but I couldn't get anywhere with the next one. But anyway, I am chuffed today because for the first time ever, I finished the Times crossword! Woooo! PS. What is up with my PC clock? It's acting very… Continue reading Challenge?