dyson adverts

You've probably seen them: the ones where James Dyson says: “I was vacuuming at home one day, and I was really amazed by the lousy suction.” Whenever I see this advert I find myself wondering how many takes it took to get it, and if JD really had to fight not to call a vacuum… Continue reading dyson adverts

only in the UK…

…could you find a city made from biscuits. Right about now I could eat a packet or two of custard creams.

Doin' the Do

Boomania! A blast from 1990 from SecondSpin.com via Amazon shops. So here I am, browsing through mp3s, and I'm in the 'B' section of course and I idly click on the 80s classic “Love in the First Degree” by Bananarama. Hold on a minute… that sounds familiar… isn't that? Yes! A wikipedia hit later, I… Continue reading Doin' the Do


Note: for this meme I am omitting Mrs Elbeno from my friends list. Otherwise it's a non-starter, really. Hmm this meme seems like a bit of a typical “aren't I quirky?” self-congratulatory affair. Well let me tell you something, f-list: no matter how much of a rebel-against-society-norms, emo-classical-acid-jazz-loving, “my-favourite-homestar-character-is-strong-sad” type you are, there are 100000000000000… Continue reading Meme-a-tron