I finally played Portal

It was actually among my professional objectives this year to play Portal. So last night I sat down with it for a few hours. It was enjoyable, and short (which was good); and original, which was also good. Well, the portal mechanic is certainly original (counting Portal as the true implementation of Narbacular Drop): the… Continue reading I finally played Portal

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Adventures with GnuPG

For a couple of years now, I’ve been using GnuPG in my email. But I had a couple of keys out there that were old, and lost, and that I’d forgotten the passphrases for. A while back, I found my old secret keyring (from back in the day when I used PGP rather than GnuPG),… Continue reading Adventures with GnuPG

Quick music recc

Steadman are a UK band who spent some time in California a few years back. They’re the sort of underground band who occasionally pop up in the mainstream media, only recognised by the cognoscenti. They currently have a track (“Come Alive”) being used in a K Mart commercial in the US. And all of their… Continue reading Quick music recc

Periodic (Table) Videos

The University of Nottingham has this excellent page of videos about each element in the periodic table. Educational and fun. And Prof. Martyn Poliakoff has excellent scientist hair.

I moved house

I’ve been mostly offline for the last week as a result of moving house. A week ago Thursday the movers arrived and packed everything up and loaded up a big truck. We had previously packed a few dozen boxes, mainly books. Thursday night we slept on the floor (and various piled up duvets) at our… Continue reading I moved house