I’m Jaunty

A pretty smooth upgrade – Freeciv(-client-gtk) seemed to barf, so I just uninstalled it. The new Amarok is nice, even if the jaunty version isn’t totally up-to-the-minute. I did have to install phonon-backend-xine though. LLVM is v2.5, hurrah! GHC is still v6.8.2, boo.

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Fixed gate

Today we had a new automatic gate opener/closer installed, so our driveway gate will now stay closed as a rule. This also means that we can let mini-Elbeno out into the yard or the driveway to play or trundle about on his trike while we are nearby, without having to constantly shepherd him or prevent… Continue reading Fixed gate

Battle of the Bands

The buildup started 5-6 weeks ago with band formations and rumours of entries. Then came the posters stuck up across the campus advertising the various bands. Finally, at 5pm today it all kicked off – the second annual Blizzard Battle of the Bands. When I worked at EA, we had the odd band contest –… Continue reading Battle of the Bands