New stuff

There is quite a lot of new stuff in the Elbeno household this week.

On Saturday we braved the outside world for lunch once more, and perused the shelves at Borders for a while afterwards. I picked up a couple of books that I thought looked interesting.

On Sunday, our new TV arrived, so the old one (28″ Toshiba CRT) has been put to use upstairs in the “retro-console lounge”. i.e. Put into a cupboard (big fitted wardrobe) on the old TV stand with the N64 and Saturn hooked up. Yes, they count as retro consoles now… plus, they are the only older consoles I have that are 120V NTSC. Anyway, the N64 is very Henry-friendly for when he's a little older.

Second, I went to the local Target at 8am (opening time) on Sunday and along with about 10 other frothers picked up a Nintendo DS Lite. Also Super Mario Bros, Brain Age, and Big Brain Academy. And of course I already had Animal Crossing: Wild World from my birthday a couple of weeks back, in anticipation of this day.

Mrs. Elbeno also got a new office chair which will also do duty as the retro-console lounge chair. And finally I got a new pair of shoes. Brooks. A snip at $40 from Shoe Pavilion. Mrs. Elbeno's new pair will probably cost three times as much.

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  1. greatbiggary says:

    Is that the Tacoma Narrows Bridge? Seeing that always reminds me of this Despair poster.

    There was a coupon passed around today for a free copy of Brain Age with the purchase of the DS Lite at Best Buy, only if both were in-stock, valid through the 18th. Then someone else passed around the online version through, expiring the 19th, via Circuit City. I'm tempted, but I haven't played my PSP since before Christmas. I'm just too busy all the time anymore to even consider it, I think. That's not to say I'm not considering it… 🙂


  2. elbeno says:

    I believe it is the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

    I just started on Brain Age this morning. If you have 20 minutes after breakfast to spare, it's a good way to kickstart your day. It thinks my brain is 39 years old! The top score is 20 years old, so definitely room for improvement. After each kind of puzzle it rates you on speed. For some things I was bicycle speed or car speed; for Sudoku I was rated at jet speed!


  3. sylvene says:

    Sounds like a fun weekend. 🙂 I started a blog here and am surprised to find how many RL friends I have that have Live Journals and have had them for years.

    So I'm a late adopter. *chuckles* I only registered because a couple of friends decided to make their journals private.


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