Alphabetic animals

The weekend project: one old (highschool era) work of art + a colour scanner/printer + a couple of frames from Big Lots + pliers, tape, Stanley knife = baby room decorations! Now all I need to do is figure out which animal represents the letter “U”.


Friday night I played my first game of Go. It’s the kind of game where somebody just a little better than you can handily beat you, and my friend at work is a lot better than “absolute beginner”. His highest rating has been 3 kyu, which I think is saying something (beginners start at 30… Continue reading Go

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It starts…

Spent most of the morning putting together the new changing table and rocker/glider. Gearing up for approx. 20 more years of toil :). I must say, the changing table is possibly the highest quality flatpack furniture I've ever seen. Quite the cut above. It was my best furniture-assembling experience yet.

A wizard wheeze

1. Spend several years cultivating the image of someone who is not especially afraid of spiders and who will be perfectly happy to pick them up (with bare hands if need be) and put them outside, should any be found around the house. NB. It helps if you are actually comfortable doing this. 2. Have… Continue reading A wizard wheeze

Mustn't forget….

…to eat the mince pies! Also: recruiting mixer last night. Feeling good about hiring a network engineer…


Apparently it’s a sort of celebration of video games. So I am wondering what to do about it… I could just carry on as normal and spend my Saturday playing games (*cough* WoW *cough*)? I could get out some of the old ones (at least, the ones that can run on 120V/NTSC)? Or I could… Continue reading Winter-een-mas?

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That's it for another year

The visiting family have left the Elbeno household, the remaining bits of Xmas fare that didn't get eaten are being thrown away, past their sell-by date, Santa Claus is Ebaying the list of naughty girls, and I get to pack up the decorations for another year. As we enter the new year the proto-Elbeno is… Continue reading That's it for another year

Physics joke

Werner Heisenberg, having been delayed at the airport on his way to an important physics conference, is speeding down the road in his hire car when he sees a flashing blue light in his mirror and hears that familiar siren noise. He wearily pulls over, winds down the window, and shortly the police officer approaches.… Continue reading Physics joke