Backup solution

In these days of digital memories, it’s important to have a proper backup solution for your family. So I’ve invested in a Dlink DNS-323 (a network storage device) and a couple of 500GB hard drives. Plugged it into my network, turned it on, and formatted the drives as RAID 1, which gives me 498GB of… Continue reading Backup solution

A night at the Magic Castle

Tuesday night, my colleagues and I spent the evening at the Magic Castle as a treat for hitting a recent milestone. It was a great night out. I arrived at about 6.30 after braving the rush hour traffic (there’s really no good way to get there quickly from my workplace – the 405 and 101… Continue reading A night at the Magic Castle

Building a MAME cabinet 18

Bit of a slow week – the family was here for Thanksgiving, and I didn’t work much on the cab. Here are some pictures from last weekend. The woodwork is all but done now, and my next task is to wire the control panel. This is actually non-trivial, and I need the right tools for… Continue reading Building a MAME cabinet 18

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Eating out on expenses three days this week. Put a coat of varnish on my cabinet boards tonight. Kind of annoyed that libgtkglextmm is missing from gutsy packages.


I went ahead and bought an XO laptop, aka “One Laptop Per Child”. It’s just the job for kids, and hopefully will bring about some real change in the developing world. It is also just the thing for mini-Elbeno as he grows up – built sturdy but lightweight, with rubberised keys and nifty software. Python,… Continue reading OLPC

The Magic Castle Awaits

As a reward for hitting a major milestone recently (without crunch, woot), the company is taking my team to the Magic Castle. A fortnight tomorrow night we’ll be putting on our glad rags and heading up to Hollywood for a night of wonderment!


It’s been a while since I posted any food, so here’s a sandwich I had today. The bread was Von’s French bread, but with a slight difference today. The crust was lighter in colour, crustier, and more floury than usual. The sandwich filling was an old standby, but nonetheless delicious: ham, westcountry farmhouse cheddar, and… Continue reading Sandwich

Building a MAME cabinet 17

Another weekend, and more cabinet work. Staining and varnishing I’m still putting off until I have all the woodworking done. In the week, I picked up some Lexan from Home Depot and today I finished the control panel. First, I routed the area for the trackball mounting plate, since I want to lay the Lexan… Continue reading Building a MAME cabinet 17

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Building a MAME cabinet 16

Today I tackled the control panel. I hadn’t done anything on paper; I just laid out the controls on the board I had cut. This turned out to be quite easy, although I had to pay attention to the mirrored-ness of the thing when I made cuts from the other side. I started off by… Continue reading Building a MAME cabinet 16

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Building a MAME cabinet 15

After many weeks of what seems like slow progress, the project is now accelerating. Today I stood up the cabinet for the first time and cut all the remaining boards. I decided to stand the cabinet up with the boards I won’t need to stain and varnish, and I decided to do this step before… Continue reading Building a MAME cabinet 15

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